Thursday, 28 March 2013

Craft Fair Review: Crafty Fox Easter Market

Last Sunday I headed back to Brixton for the Crafty Fox Easter Market, unlike last year when temperatures where positively balmy I opened my curtains to roads covered in snow and ice.
Do you think that put me off? Of course not! Crafty Fox continues to be up there as one of the best markets I have participated in - a bit of treacherous country road was not going to beat me!

For this market I had a larger stall which was great for displaying my new products. I put together a little DIY structure to sit over my stall to hang prints from which worked really well (more on that another day!) and got loads of lovely feedback from customers... this 'Family' print was really popular.

Like I mentioned before, 60% of stalls were brand new to the market and the quality remained as high as ever - a really great mix of products, workshops and plenty of music to help the day along. Despite the freezing temperatures the crowds came piling in, in fact I was quite surprised at how busy it was -  and as I was sat directly in front of the entrance I can say first hand that the customers just kept coming!

This for me really summed up how Crafty Fox has become an event not to miss. People were willing to drag themselves along on a snowy, random Sunday afternoon and spend their hard earned cash because they know it will be a great day.
There is a real buzz about Crafty Fox as customers are genuinely excited to get their mitts on a well curated selection of handmade treats, try their hand at a bit of screen printing and finish the day with a beer and some amaaazzinggg cakes - and rightly so.

The work that goes into preparing this market really pays off. And all day long Sinead, Stephan and team were visibly working their socks off to make sure things ran smoothly.
Having experienced markets where it doesn't necessarily feel like you are getting good value for your stall fee it is really refreshing to take part in a market that is consistently well organised, has high footfall and a great location. Make sure you keep an eye out for the next one on the Crafty Fox website!


{second image is taken from the Crafty Fox facebook page}

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