Tuesday, 11 March 2014

5 TOP TIPS: Working From Home

This morning I had a bit of a discussion about the practicalities of working from home and the discipline you need to do it... As I already had my thinking cap on this blog post seemed like a good idea!

I now work in a room solely used as my studio but I spent many years prior to this working away in a corner of the bedroom. Once your work area is determined it is much easier to be organised, efficient and to concentrate on work in your own little zone. It also helps that I can shut the door and put work behind me at the end of the day (in theory...)

To Do Lists are my favourite thing, closely followed by folders and spreadsheets. Creating your own deadlines and planning ahead is key - it is much easier to manage your workload if you've got it all in order first.

Sometimes Jon will call me on his lunch break for a chat. As lovely as it would be to have a bit of a chinwag for 30 minutes there are times when I have to cut the call short and tell him I'm busy working. Being strict on myself and admitting that my work is important and has to be done means exactly that, it gets done!

I sometimes fall into the trap of constantly working without realising... all those little facebook updates and emails that I answer while dinner is cooking... It's all work! I try to remember all the hours I put in when it comes to taking breaks. A well needed afternoon nap or an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is a good little breather for my overworked brain every now and then.

It might sound silly to suggest leaving the house when talking about working from home but it can do wonders for your productivity, inspiration and general well being to not be chained to your desk all day. Trust me, I was pretty much a hermit for about a year! It's great to get out and about, and also means you can network and seek out business opportunities that can't be found within your own four walls.

Do you have any tips on successfully working from home? 
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