Sunday, 6 September 2015

Colouring Sheets + A Cat Dress

Recently I was contacted to provide a bumper batch of colouring sheets for a lovely line of subscription boxes.

The Blurt Foundation works to increase the awareness and understanding of depression and each month send out pretty packages named the BuddyBox... 'Our new subscription care package makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who could do with a boost. And if you’re living with depression, buying a subscription for yourself is a great way to enjoy a little self-care.'

I sent off an order of 600 cats and dog pages...printing, folding and packing 1200 sheets of paper while juggling the demands of a very lively 4 month old baby was a challenge to say the least! But we got there in the end (luckily we have very understanding customers). And Matilda helped out by wearing a cat dress and making funny faces.

She's definitely keeping me on my toes but we have managed to get a bit of work done in between baby massage, rhyme time, singalongs, weigh-ins and play dates ;)


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